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HEALTH – X dataLOFT Platform

Our approach aims to put citizens at the center of the distribution, use, and control of their own health data from the two health markets.

What is dataLOFT?

Based on the decision of citizens, health data will be implemented in a legitimized, open and federated dataLOFT Platform and made accessible according to Gaia-X standards.

The data platforms and integrated services which are to be developed shall enable the individual use of data and develop individual business models for the German-European health industry.

The objective is to develop transparent cloud-based applications in the healthcare market with leading representatives in highly relevant areas of healthcare.

For the networking of health care areas and the integrative use of data, the concepts of the MII for data exchange across the borders of institutions and locations as well as legally binding Gematik standards and solutions of the telematics infrastructure will be integrated. Central to HEALTH-X are the new economic business models that result from the data sovereignty of citizens and patients as donors of health data and from the linking of data areas that were previously predominantly separate and could not be jointly evaluated.



Putting the patient first

Unlike existing offerings, our data room will be citizen/patient centric: Citizens/patients will have access to and control over their personal health data, regardless of its origin. 

In this way, these data can be made available for personal health concerns, medical care and research based on self-determined legitimization by the citizens/patients themselves.

Complementary to the existing classic offerings in vendor-bound silos, we are developing a vendor-neutral platform to enable access to and integration of data from the first and second health markets. This platform enables new usage approaches and business models for device manufacturers, service providers, and clinical care providers. This new ecosystem is open, federated, and based on the standards being developed under the Gaia-X project.

Diverse Use Cases

Our Use Cases are from the first and second health markets, which offer citizens/patients an improvement in preventive care and during treatment, as well as the possibility to participate in research projects.

Innovation Hub

In the course of the project, we will establish further Use Cases in the Innovation Hub, with which the dataLOFT platform will be tested for its promise of benefit for citizens and patients as well as for the development of innovative business models in the first and second health market.


Transparent access and control

In contrast to the classic offers, the possibility is offered from the outset for customers to have transparent access to and control over the collected manufacturer-independent data, which can then also be used in regulated health research and health care.

A protected, personally designed data room concept is used for this purpose. Based on the personal data room with a consistently designed consent concept from the first recording of health data and using Gaia-X Federated Services, a transparent linking and use of health data is made possible in a way that is not possible today.


"In HEALTH-X dataLOFT you change from a simple beneficiary of services to a determining and active partner. You get sovereignty over your health data and decide what happens to your sensitive data, how it is used and who is allowed to use it."

Prof. Dr. Roland Eils